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Looking for a Masterpiece

Natasha Tamruchi A Note of Explanation

Using the Russian word “шедевр” (masterpiece, chef d-oeuvre) in earnest has become impossible. The word is reserved for ironic contexts, and has to be substituted with such universally applicable clichés as “great work”, “powerful thing”, and the like for normal discourse.

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Valentin Dyakonov Capolavoro Impossibile

Our discussion of what makes a masterpiece will start with two works of fiction and one memoire. A fictional character, the protagonist of Balzac’s short story “The Unknown Masterpiece”, artist Frenhofer aka Mabuse, a pupil of real-life artist Jean Gossaert, unveils a painting that has taken him ten years to two visitors, real-life artist Nicolas Poussin et Frans Pourbus.

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