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Vladislav Efimov


Vladislav Efimov is a photographer, video-artist, one of the pioneering users of new technologies in Russian art. He became known to the public for his work done in collaboration with Aristarkh Chernyshev. They may have been the first Russian artist to create interactive video installations where they were both directors and actors. The viewers were given the opportunity to manipulate the images with the help of all sorts of handles, levers, buttons and other clever devices. Artist became the viewers’ guinea-pigs. Like in a computer game, heads and limbs could be cut off, bodied inflated like air balloons, or crushed under the Terminator’s giant metal heel. Having played an object in these video-installations done with Chernyshev, in his independent projects Vladislav Efimov turned to the exploration of outwardly unremarkable inanimate objects not unlike Ilya Kabakov’s “pieces of garbage” –indiscriminate nameless things. One would think that a pioneer of new technologies would be interested in futuristic objects, yet Efimov is drawn to old things like the ones you’d find at a flea market – neither worthless junk, nor venerable antiques. He likes outdated media equipment, and exhibited a whole collection of old household radios as part of his project “For the Radio” (the project was awarded the “Innovation” prize). The practical value of everyday objects almost disappears when newer models come along. However, their sentimental, historical and, possibly, esthetic value increases. It could even be said that once things have served their term, it’s their turn to have fun and “live for themselves”. Certainly, that’s what Efimov seems to imply. He films old objects and makes his videos look like stills, so that the slight movement eventually discovered by the viewer, comes with a bit of a shock. Occasionally he reverses the situation and gives a jolt not to the viewer, but to to the objects themselves. In his “Scary Collection” installation caged objects wriggled and tried to hide when they were being viewed.

Irina Kulik  


Born in 1964 in Moscow.  
1985 graduated from Moscow Automotive Institute
1995–1996 Grant-holder at the Academy of Arts in Berlin
2008 winner of “Innovation” prize in Moscow
Lives and works in Moscow.

Principal exhibitions


1991 “Untitled”. School Gallery, Moscow

1993 “The Dead Nature”. Arcadia Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

1994 “Tables”. TV Gallery, Moscow

1995 “Vladislav Efimov and Oleg Migas. Moving Pictures or Chinese Movies”. 0.1 Gallery, Moscow; “The Sublime”. Studio 20 Gallery, Moscow; “Breath”. TV Gallery, Moscow

1997 “Originals”. ROSIZO Gallery, Moscow; “Opus Magnum” (with A. Chernyshev). In the framework of the “Art-Moscow” Program, TV Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow

1998 “Shining Prostheses” (with A. Chernyshev). TV Gallery, Moscow

1999 “Things Resurrected” (with Nina Kotel). Rotonda Gallery, Moscow

2000 “Genetic Gymnastics” (with A. Chernyshev), Center Dom, Moscow

2001 “On Lenin Places”. In the framework of Y. Avvakumov’s Project “24”; House of Photography, Moscow; “Genetic Gymnastics-2” (with A.Chernyshev), in the framework of the 2nd Festival ProArte, “Contempoaray Art in the Traditional Museum”, Apartment-Museum of I.Pavlov

2002 “I’ll be back” (with A. Chernyshev). XL Gallery, Moscow; “The Project of the Monument to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator T-800” (with A. Chernyshev). Forum Stadtpark, Gratz, Austria; “Nirvana” (with A. Chernyshev). O.G.I. Street Gallery, Moscow

2004 “Preparations and Textbooks” (with S. Denisov). National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; “Echo on Air” (with A. Chernyshev). In the framework of the 4th Festival Pro Arte; “Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum”. A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communication, St. Petersburg; “Bubbles” (with A. Chernyshev), XL Gallery, Moscow

2005 “СoMutation” (with A. Chernyshov). Parallel Program of the first Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art; XL Gallery, Moscow; “Entertaining Physics” (with S. Denisov). State memorial Museum of Defence and Blockade of Leningrad, St. Petersburg

2006 “Preparations and Textbooks” (with S. Denisov). Arsenal, Nizsniy Novgorod Cremlin, Nizshniy Novgorod

2007 “Entertaining Physics” (with S. Denisov). Exhibition Hall Gallery, Izhevsk

2008 “Where the things are”. Pobeda Gallery, Moscow; “Details of Moscow”. Ravenscourt Gallery, Moscow

2009 “The Frightened Collection”. Stella Foundation, Moscow

2010 Order Machine”. Open Gallery, Moscow


1993 “Baroque of the End of the Century”. Museum of Arts and Crafts, St. Petersburg

1994 “NewMedia Topia”. Central House of Artists, Moscow

1999 “Фауна/Fauna”. State Exhibition Hall New Manezsh, Moscow; Central Exhibition Hall, Nizsniy Novgorod; Zacheta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki, Warsaw

2000 “Serials”. Central Exhibition Hall Manezsh, Moscow; “Dynamic couples”. Central Exhibition Hall Manezsh, Moscow; State Russian Museum (Marble Palace), St. Petersburg

2001 “Milano – Europе 2000”. Palazzo Triennale, Milano, Italy; ”Iskusstvo 2000”. Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim, Germany

2002 ''Moscow Time''. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Memorial Museum “Radio Laboratory of Nizhniy Novgorod”, Nizhniy Novgorod

2003 “Last Hero”. Exhibition Hall of Estonian Art Museum In Rotermann Salt Storage, Tallinn

2004 “Seven Sins”, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia; “Faster than History”. Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki

2005 “P.S. Behind the Red Horizon”/in the framework of the international Art Program “Moscow – Warsaw. Warsaw – Moscow”). Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw; Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; II Prague International Biennale of Contemporary art, Prague National Gallery Veletrzni Palace, Prague

2006 “Entertaining Physics”/exhibition of nominees of first All-Russia competition of the contemporary art “Innovation 2005”. Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2007 “The History of Russian Videoart – Volume 1”. Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2008 ART-Index. Arsenal, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga; “Properties of Water. H2O”/exhibition of Russian Art in the framework of “World EXPO-2008”. El Pabellon de las Artes, Saragossa, Spain

2009 Temptation”. Open Gallery, Moscow

2010 Memories and Dreams”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Male Principle”. Open Gallery, Moscow

Public collections

State Russian Museum St-Peterburg
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
The Moscow Modern Art Museum
National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow   

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

From the “Order Machine” series. 2010. Installation

“Untitled” 2009. Photo. 60 × 50

“Untitled” 2009. Photo. 60 × 50