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Vladislav Mamishev-Monroe


One could say Vladislav Mamishev-Monroe walks in the footsteps of Cindy Sherman and Yasumasa Morimura, famous players on the world art scene. Like them, the “man of a thousand faces” uses himself as his own model. With the help of make-up Monroe morphs into a multitude of different personae. However, at the beginning Monroe was interested in happening and less – in photography. Hhe first impersonation of Vladislav Mamishev was that of Marylin Monroe – an icon not just for Hollywood, but, thanks to Andy Warhol, for modern art. Mamishev made “Marylin” a member of the of the Leningrad art crowd of the 80ies. His Marylin had a role in Sergei Kurekhin’s show “Popular mechanics”; was filmed in video-clips of underground rock-groups and starred in the first independent media art project in Russia, “The Pirate TV”, which Mamishev co-founded with Timur Novikov. Since 1980ies Vladislav Monroe has cast himself as Jesus Christ and Dracula, Adolf Hitler and Mao Tse-tung, Joan of Arc and Mona Lisa, Vladimir Putin and Osama Ben Laden. In 1996 Yakut Gallery gave him a major role in an unprecedented project. Giant posters featuring Monroe’s many faces graced a street in the center of Moscow. Aside from Marylin one of his hits was another blond movie star, the darling of the Stalin epoch, Lubov Orlova. Vladislav Monroe even shot a mock-remake of her classic, “Volga-Volga”, where his own face made up to look like Orlova’s was digitally inserted into the old film frames. Another great success was his remake of a cult Soviet TV series “Seventeen moments of spring”. Monroe was equally brilliant as Stierlitz, the dashing Soviet spy posing as a Nazi officer, and Stierlitz’s wife. For all similarities of his approach to that of Cindy Sherman or Yasumasa Morimura, Monroe’s projects are significantly different. His transformations are not supposed to efface the artist himself. Monroe the artist is inseparable from Monroe the socialite or Monroe-the TV star. His identity doesn’t get dissolved in citations from art and history. Rather the contrary, he brings forth historical figures and makes them as accessible as the camera-loving celebutantes of our time. Interpreted by Vladislav Monroe, history is an ongoing bash and its perennial participants are amusing, harmless and utterly replaceable party-goers.

Irina Kulik  

Born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg)  
Since 1986 was a part of the group “New Artists” and a soloist at Sergey Kuryohin's group “Pop-Mechanica”
1989 In collaboration with T.Novikov has founded an independent telecompany “Pirate's TV”. Died in March 2013 in Bali, Indonesia .


Principal exhibitions


1996 “Life of great people”. Yakut Gallery, Moscow

1997 “Russian questions”. State Russian museum, St.Petersburg; “My name is Trinity”. XL Gallery, Moscow

1999-2000 “Life of Great Monroes”. Yakut Gallery, Moscow; “Russian Questions”. Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

2001 “Cruel Romance”. Aidan Gallery, Moscow; “Every passion is blind and wild”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Lyubov Orlova”. Guelman Gallery, Moscow; “Tales of a Lost Time”. Museum of Modern History of Russia, Moscow

“Tin-Tin”. Ilona Orel Gallery, Paris; “Secret Materials”, S’Art Gallery, Moscow

2003 “My Life”. XL Gallery, Moscow

2004 “Woman as she is”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Dostoevsky in flowers”. XL Gallery, Moscow

2005 “New Pirate Television”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Starz”. D-137b Gallery, St. Petersburg

2006 “Monroe in Every Small Beast”. XL Gallery, Moscow; “Metamorphosis of the Monarch”. State Art Museum of Nizshniy Novgorod

2007-2008 “The Russia We Have Lost”. XL Gallery, Moscow

2013 “Polonium”. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow



1989 “Women in Art”. City museum, St. Petersburg

1991 “Painting and Petting”. Revolution Museum, St. Petersburg

1994 “Unfortunate Love”. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

1996 “1st five years”. State Russian museum, St. Petersburg

1997 “Cabinet”. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

1999 “Neues Moskau”. IFA-Galerie, Berlin

2002 Photobiennale. Manege, Moscow; “Snieguroczka”. Galeria Zacheta, Warsaw

2003 “Horizons of reality”. MUHKA, Antwerp; “Neue Ansaetze”. Kunsthalle, Duesseldorf; “Moskau – Berlin”. Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

2004 “Facing East”. Siemens Forum, Erlangen, Germany; “Moskau – Berlin”. State Historical Museum, Moscow

2005 “StarZ”. Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; “Accomplices”, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; “Gender Check”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; “Angels of History. Moscow Conceptualism and its influence”. MuHKA, Antverpen, Nederlands; “P.S. Beyond the Red Horizon”. National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow

2005-2006 “Russia!”, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao; “La Rue, l’art et la Mode”. Fotomuseum, Antverpen, Nederlands

2007 “The History of Russian Videoart. Volume 1”. Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; “Double/Remake”. National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; “Architecture: ad Marginem”. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; “Le Cirque en Majeste”. Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seul; “New angelarium”. Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; “Sots-art. Political Art in Moscow”. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2008 “The Future Depends on You. New Rules”. Krasnoyarsk cultural-historical center; The Arsenev Primorsky Joint State Museum in Vladivostok, The Far East Art Museum, Habarovsk; Sverdlov Museum of History, Yekaterinburg; Samara State Art Museum, Samara; Moscow museum of modern art, Moscow; “Exhibition of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg from the collection of State Russian Museum”. State Art Museum of Nizhniy Novgorod

2009 “That Obscure Object of Art”, Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna, Austria; “Apparition”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm; “Temptation”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Identity Crisis”. Open Gallery, Moscow

2010Male Principle”. Open Gallery, Moscow; “Gender Check”. Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, Austria; “Les Russes! Portrait photographique russe. 1970-2010”. Gallery “Orel Art Presenta”, Paris

2012 “Limited Edition”. Open Gallery, Moscow

Public collections

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow Museum
Russian Federation Ministry of Culture Collection
New Academy of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg    

“Monroe”. 1995. Photo, 90 × 72

“Monroe”. 1995. Photo, 90 × 72

“Left eye, right eye”. 2010. Photo, 94 × 74

“Left eye, right eye”. 2010. Photo, 94 × 74