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19/09 - 21/10/2012

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The place of action is what, besides their age, unites three totally different artists – Andrey Kuzkin, Kirill Kto and Vladislav Krasnoshchek. The first two do not need any introduction as they are well-known to the Moscow public. Andrei Kuzkin, the winner of various prizes and already a cult-figure for the young generation of artists (he received three prizes “Soratnik” in a row!), gathers no less- people during his performances than some celebrities of the international art scene. Kirill Kto (Lebedev) is a true authority of Russian street art, who has covered half of Moscow streets with his surprising epigrams. The third participant is less known. Vladislav Krasnoshchek is an upcoming avant-grade star from Kharkov, who became one of the most peculiar break-throughs of the recent Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. He takes photographs, makes performances and exhibition projects. In spite of his young age and rather recent inclusion into contemporary art scene, his works have been recognised and have even entered the collections of Western museums. There is one fundamental detail which distinguishes Krasnoshchek: besides being an artist, he is a practicing surgeon, who works in the ambulance. It seems to be his main profession. At least, according to his words, he receives his portion of adrenalin there. One can also trace the presence of adrenalin in his photographs. By means of a complicated printing process Krasnoshchek 'erases' from his shots any specific geographic and temporal characteristics, turning the picture into a generalised place of action; into a universal eventful space, in which something is happening.

While Krasnoshchek records the traces of events, Kuzkin acts as their direct author. However, his performances, the documentation of which will be presented at the exhibition, also take place exclusively outdoors, which is essential to the artist's practice. It is the street which today acts as a place where new meanings are generated, new heroes appear and new forms of communication are born. The street can potentially become a huge stage with no walls and boundaries: the most vital things take place in the street nowadays.