Open Gallery
Moscow, Trubnikovskiy lane, 22 building 2
+7(495) 772 2736
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opening hours:
Wed-Fri 15:00 – 20:00
Sat 12:00 – 18:00

I've Been Here!

16/03 - 29/04/2012

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At the suggestion of the Open Gallery a number of well-known Moscow artists – Konstantin Adjer, Yuri Albert, Nikita Alekseev, Eugene Asse, Alexander Brodsky, Anya Zholud, Vadim Zakharov, Andrey Kuzkin, Anton Litvin, Igor Makarevich, Aleksander Povzner and Irina Steinberg – offered testimonies of other realities. Those realities could be something gone and forgotten; something beyond the commonly shared and obvious; or something lost in the present or past, yet still relevant to the artist. To one of the project’s participants such “other reality” was the Soviet childhood with its customary mix of mandatory schooling and teenage sexuality; to another – the experience of downshifting in a Russian village, its static landscape contrasting sharply with the rat-race of everyday life, full of repetitive tasks and futile efforts; to yet another “the other reality” is in the present: it is the unexpected political activity of the habitually inert public. The exposition questions the relationship between the individual and his or her environment. Are we really products of our respective environments, or do our landmarks and landscapes exist only in the mind, in truth being either different from that mind’s perception, or altogether nonexistent.
Collected testimonies were not meant to be sessions of flabby nostalgia. Rather, they are statements in defense of the existence of the non-existent. They provoke clashes between the present and the vanished, yet reenacted past.

On the opening night, March 16, there were an additional attraction. Viewers were able to test how much our memory can be manipulated by music. This exploration were guided by the musicians of Opus Posth. led by Tatiana Grindenko, who offered their variation on the theme of the exposition.

Performance by Andrey Kuzkin on the opening night.