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19/11 - 27/12/2009

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Who would deny that temptation is the driving force of progress? If it weren’t there Adam would have still been stuck in the Garden of Eden and thousands of years of human history would not have happened. Obviously, we owe temptation a lot.

It is hard to imagine a place where it wouldn’t have access. Or an event that had nothing to do with it. Temptation follows us like a shadow, it constantly urges us to make new choices and decisions, it gives dramatic twists to otherwise mundane situations our lives are mostly made of. It intrigues us with deceptive dilemmas and offers pleasures spiced with dangerous consequences (danger heightens sensations, as we all know). Temptation always leaves us a choice: we can yield to it or fight it. No matter what we choose, we are sure to loose our peace of mind.

It seems like this eternal tug of war is not always won by those who stand strong and struggle to the end. Fortunately the organizers were not looking for victors in this dubious battle – they were only collecting trophies and mementos.